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Root Beers 057a - Out with the old...
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BungoTelevision 31.12.2011, 19:17
Would you beileve it? 2011 is going already, and so, it's time for Father Time Bunnzie to go with the events of 2011.
There are bad events on the right hand side, along with the deaths. On the left, we have a very happy event concerning Will and Kate, along with the politcal event on which we said NO to the Alternative Vote. (Serve AV right.) There was a Census and the death of the News of the World, killed by the phone hacking scandal. There was three television events. The total was raised over £74 million to Comic Relief via Red Nose Day 2011. The bad television event was that Big Brother returned to Channel Five (boo!) and the good television event was that Sooty returned to CITV after a seven year break (Yay!). Finally, 2011 was a year to me. I got my mini laptop, known as a notebook, I've done a blog, a new website, FurAffinity and LiveJournal (forgot to put that on there.). And I've did some exams for college. Some I've passed and some I've failed.
So, I'll leave you to say "Happy New Year!" and I will be planning tomorrow's comic after I watch "Hootenanny with Jools Holland" on BBC-2 with my parents at home. This is Alexander Elliott-Welch, alias "Al Welch", for BBC South Today, in Woolston, Southampton.