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Root Beers #080 - Problem 7B
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BungoTelevision 10.8.2013, 21:20
Hallo, Eurokatt's here. Well, here I am, recovering, not from this year's Eurovision Song Contest in Malmo, Sweden (Well done, Denmark, by the way.), but from the postponed proposed closure of the Greek broadcaster of the European Broadcasting Union, ERT, who is the host broadcaster of Eurovision 2006 in Greece. Anyway, as soon as things calmed down, I shall be bringing you my new series of postcards from the seven countries who joined the Eurovision handicap in the Seventies and Eighties. But enough of my problems, here's this week's episode of Root Beers, guest starring the Metropole Orchestra of the Netherlands, who performed the music in Eurovision 1980, hosted at The Hauge, in the Netherlands, To listen to the music, search "Eurovision 1980 - End of transmission 2" on YouTube, click on the link and listen to the fun. It is funky, believe me. And finally, the joke featured is from an episode of Monty Python's Flying Circus, made by the BBC at the now-defunct BBC Television Centre, who hosted the Eurovision Song Contest 1963. (That's enough, Eurokatt. Love, Al Welch)