Comic 199 - Root Beers #118: Of Flowers and Trees

1st Aug 2015, 6:09 PM
Root Beers #118: Of Flowers and Trees
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BungoTelevision 1st Aug 2015, 6:09 PM edit delete
First off, if you're wondering who the female cat is, and was during some of the previous artwork, this will answer your question.
Meet Carol Woolé. She's the girlfriend of Ally Bobcat.
Originally, I was going to introduce her on a 2-parter Valentine's comic, but haven't had enough time, due to a massive essay that was done by late February, this year.
I also tried to introduce her on a bike ride, for the V.E. Day comic. This has also been unfinished.
My basis for the Carol Woolé character were from "Rhonda Flowers" from the Scott Pilgrim series, and a friend from my Illustration course at University.

Anyway, here's Carol and her boyfriend, Ally Bobcat, finished watching "Flowers and Trees", a Walt Disney Silly Symphony cartoon which was done in three-strip Technicolor, released eighty-three years and two days ago, and won the first Oscar for Best Animated Short, later that year.
So, let's that be a lesson to you, Ally. Never criticise a cartoon that your girlfriend likes!

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