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Root Beers #125: Hulloooo-Ween!
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Author Notes:

BungoTelevision 31.10.2015, 19:40
This is not only the Halloween edition of Root Beers but also the 125th edition of Root Beers!
So, let's celebrate with a special Halloween party to remember!

Morti Mouse dressed as Mr Squiggle © Norm Hertington / ABC 1959-1999
Dennie Bunnzie as Baxter © Hayley 'TopperHay' Russell
Jen Bunnzie as Francine Smith from 'American Dad' © Seth MacFarlane and FOX 2005-2015
Nick Bunnzie as Kevin Dewclaw from 'Kevin and Kell' © Bill Holbrook 1995-2015 (He also what I'm dressed as, this year.)
Nancius Bunnzie as May © Andrew 'Granitoons' Morrice
Fredrick Foxx as Bravo Fox from 'Zoobille Zoo' © Hallmark and DiC 1986
Tim Tiger as David Tennant as the 10th Doctor from 'Doctor Who' © BBC MCMLXIII - MMXV
Wallie the Dodo as Igor from 'Count Duckula' © Cosgrove Hall/Fremantle Media 1988
Ally Bobcat as Archie Andrews from Archie Comics' PEP © Archie Comics 1942-2015
Carol Woole as Kim Pine from 'Scott Pilgrim' © Bryan Lee O'Malley
Count Chocula as himself from his own cereal © General Mills 1971-2015

(Incidentally, two were done as a thank you to Granitoons and TopperHay. They put a personalised message on the first page of the Blonge! Annual 2015, along with the original drawings. So, thanks for that.)

Enjoy, if you dare.