This is some sort of comic where anything could happen beyond the imagination, at some point.
Root Beers #154: Anthrometamorphosis
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Author Notes:

BungoTelevision 21.5.2016, 11:46
First off, must I point off, to hear such sad news concerning Alan Young, known to fans of Mister Ed and Disney's DuckTales. He will be missed.

Next up, the main bit which features Maxtara (Maxtaro) in a very surreal situation. It's strange, I know. (God, I missed furry Maxtara...)

And finally, a quite a comeback from Miss Jones and Gothic Kitt from The Goodieski (A quite obscure group, on which Grahame Garden and Bill Oddie didn't write, not even with Tim Brooke-Taylor's biro), discussing whether Australia made it to Eurovision, without checking the news of 17th November 2015. Oh, they are silly...