This is some sort of comic where anything could happen beyond the imagination, at some point.
RB10: Chapter 13
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Author Notes:

BungoTelevision 31.7.2020, 12:02
While we checked out the rest of the Farmies group from Codgers Farm to this room, those two schoolboys-like critics were checking on the odd variety of odd faces, including:
• Gordon Bennett (Coffee Blast)
• Rosemary Pegasus (The Mythic Crew, an unrealized project)
• Frankie Hyena (Jungle Buds)
• That cat that was on the cover of my dissertation (Details coming up later)
• Frank James Nelson and Susan Rockhard (Zirkus Kapers, an unfinished comic book)
when William Lion Cub (Jungle Buds) discovered that this is more than just a crossover, folks.