This is some sort of comic where anything could happen beyond the imagination, at some point.
Advent 2010: Day 24
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Author Notes:

BungoTelevision 23.12.2010, 13:26
Christmas Shopping. What a busiest time of the year. And I did this to prove it. Featuring from top to the bottom are Rheged Bunnzie, Whitney (©Dutch), Misty (©Dutch), Sabrina (©Eric W. Schwartz), Zig Zag (©Maxblackrabbit), Aeris (©Scott Ramsoorair), Adolph, Roxikat (©John Barrett), Frog Raccoon Strawberry (©Kyle A. Carrozza), Eurokatt, Kimbo (©Ricky Garduno), Nick Bunnzie, Hamtaro-type Hamster, Nancius Bunnzie and Lil' Parp

Do hope thier creators liked it.