This is some sort of comic where anything could happen beyond the imagination, at some point.
Advent 2010: Day 35
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Author Notes:

BungoTelevision 3.1.2011, 15:55
After days, the header is finally clean by the same people who was on the first deviantion of 2011. They are a not-quite-super group called "The New Goodieski" (no relation to "The Goodies") They are...
• Miss Jones, leader of the pack.
• Gothic Kitt, Miss Jones' sister and sexy flying supreme.
• Rosie O' Prower-Wogan, flying supreme and technican wizard.
• Sean Oddie, handles communications and medic
• Baroness Von Nicole (from Germany), handle Eurovision affiars
• Agadoo Grant-Naylor, cook
• L'il 'M', take care of the little business
• Shadowfreak, a super spy.

I'll do thier profiles pretty soon. See ya!