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RB #048  - Powerpuff Traffic
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BungoTelevision 25.9.2011, 22:59
Hello. And if you're reading this on the new website and FurAffinity for the very first time, HELLO!

Well, after a two month break, Root Beers is back for a third season. And not only that, this will be the first series to be new on FurAffinity and the new Root Beers website.

In this comeback, Rheged and Dennie are late for Rheged's business at fashion designing. Again! Due to the guests of this strip, the Whoopass-- er, I mean Powerpuff Girls, created by Craig McCraken for Hanna Barbera Cartoons and the Cartoon Network, a TimeWarner Company (c) 1998-2005

This is to celebrate 20 years of the 1st ever PPG drawing on this link - pretty rare, if you ask me.