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RB #051 - Halloween Mash-Up 2011
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Author Notes:

BungoTelevision 30.10.2011, 17:52
Hello, there. Yes, Halloween is upon us once again this year. Like Christmas and Easter, it's just never stop. You want to know what is more than pumpkins, ghosts, and black cats? Costumes. Every year, people are pretending to be either scary halloween stuff, or cosplaying as their favourite characters. I got this gig.

Dennie Bunnzie dressed as Dennis the Menace (UK Version)
Rheged Bunnzie dressed as Zig Zag by BlackMaxRabbit
Professor C.J.E. Bunnzie dressed as Professor Utomium from "The Powerpuff Girls" by Craig McCracken
Rocky from Tracy J. Butler's "Lackadaisy" dressed as Coraggio, Eurokatt's pal from Switzerland
Bimbo dressed as Trolololo-face (Voted most scariest costume of the year)
Eurokatt dressed as Alexander Rybak (Winner of ESC 2009)
Lil Parp dressed as Kimbo, from the now-defunct Dumm Comic, "1930 Nightmare Theatre" by Ricky Garduno
Lily the Raccoon ,by herself, dressed as Rosita from "Sesame Street"
Nancius Bunnzie dressed as Bubbles, also from "The Powerpuff Girls"
Nick Bunnzie dressed as "Daniel T'Fiona" from Amber Williams' "DMFA"
Elmo from "Sesame Street" dressed as Elmo from "Sesame Street" (But, Nick doesn't know that)

Happy Halloween, and god bless you, Sir Jimmy Savile.

Dennis the Menace (c) D.C. Thomson & Co., Ltd. 1951-2011
Zig Zag (c) Max Black Rabbit
Bubbles and Professor Utomium (c) Craig McCracken and Hanna-Barbera Cartoons, a TimeWarner Company
Coraggio (c) Al Welch
Trolololo-face (c) Unknown
Alexander Rybak (c) Alexander Rybak
Kimbo (c) Ricky Garduno
Rosita and Elmo (c) Sesame Workshop/The Jim Henson Company
Daniel T'Fiona (c) Amber Williams

Bunnzies, Eurokatt, Lil Parp (C) Al Welch
Rocky (c) Tracy J. Butler
Lily the Racoon (c) Lily Racoon
Elmo (c) Sesame Workshop/The Jim Henson Company