Monday 27th January 2020

(Yes, Wallie. It's been a year, eight months and twenty days since I've last updated the Newsflush and I'm considering this right now. So, do go away...)

Hello, there. Hope you're well. It's me, the real deal. Now, a lot of things have happened to me since I've talked to you last.

Hopefully, this short update will keep you informed until the next Newsflush (Hopefully in the next few weeks and NOT the next couple of years, folks.
Kind regards,
Al Welch

Monday 7th May 2018


Hello, there. How are you? Nice of you to join me on this sunny May Bank Holiday.
First of all, I would like to apologise to every one of you for many delays of the regular Root Beers comic series.
It's a real shame I know, but this is mainly due to my coursework in Illustration at Solent University.
But, now I've graduated on 13th July 2017, it'll be quite hopeful for me to catch up with the comic series.
But then, there were obstacles along the way. What, with gymnastics, tag rugby, swimming, trampolining sessions, meetings with the local employment training centre, etc. I'm currently doing some volunteering work every Saturday afternoons at Board in the City CIC, a community cafe that provides board and card games in Southampton, England.
Anyway, I'm terribly sorry about the regular Root Beers comics, but I can still provide the Tapas Root Beers and the Midweek Root Beers, if it is quite possible.
Al Welch, out!


Monday 14th August 2017



Sunday 18th June 2017


Hello, gang.

Well, it has been eleven months and eight days since I talked to you the last time.
First off, on the important note, how sorry I am to hear such tragic news concerning London Bridge, the Manchester Arena, Grenfell Tower... No, no, no. That's not the way to start this.
No, to start this journal is tell you how sorry I am for not bringing you the weekly Root Beers comic (The kind that usually goes on Saturday). This is possibly due to me doing my third and final year of doing the Illustration course at Southampton Solent University School of Art, Design, and Fashion. This involves doing my final major project, which is, of course, a graphic novel that sets in a coffee shop, entitled "Coffee Blast". While the Midweek Root Beers and the Tapas Root Beers are settling in quite nicely, the Saturday Root Beers might be resumed later, but who knows?
Finally, during the week between 9th-15th June 2017, there was an Illustration Degree Show at the Below Bar Campus of the Southampton Solent University School of Art, Design, and Fashion. After the degree show, there will be future plans ahead. First, the New Designers event at Business Design Centre, Islington, and then a week of the Coningsby Gallery, Tottenham Street (quite near the British Museum) and then, (fanfares) graduation on Thursday 13th July 2017!
And so until then, keep watching!
Al Welch
(P.S. By the way, my result of this Illustration course is marked as 2:2. Interesting, eh?)


Sunday 10th July 2016


Hello, there.
Well, I've just returned from my week's holiday up in Penrith, Cumbria. Despite the some of the poor weather up there, I've enjoyed some of the attractions. If you like Lego, then Rheged, a popular visitors' centre near Penrith, has got a special Lego exhibition called 'Bricks in Time' (see this link,, for more details).
Anyway, if you're probably be wondering, "Hold on, Al. I cannot see any regular Root Beers comics on Saturday. Can you explain to me and my boys, what's in Celestia's mane is going on?" And I replied, "Sergeant Poodle, of 
course I will explain."
Now, the regular Saturday comics won't be on, on a regular basis, until 17th September 2016.
Until then, the Root Beers Summer Special will be coming up from 1st August 2016, all the way until 17th August 2016, with just one comic a day. Meanwhile, during the hiatus, Midweek Root Beers is still going on Wednesdays on deviantART and Twitter. 
Until then, salute and power to the blacks!
Al Welch


Wednesday 25th May 2016


Hello, everyone. Me again.

As everyone knows, this is turning out to be a poor year, so far. The main reason is that some of the deaths that affected the world. Recently, Alan Young (Mister Ed, DuckTales) is gone and so is Burt Kuowk (The Pink Panther series), as well. Also, there are other things, like the attacks in Brussels and the junior doctors' strike, as well. But, there are positive things this year. Recently, the Co-operative Group bought back their original cloverleaf logo from 1968 and it's on not only the branded food and drinks but also the bags for life, receipts, and promotional stuff, as well.

Anyway, back to me. I have recently finished a Critical Discourse essay, concerning Ludwig Bemelmans and his Madeline book series, and prepared a Dissertation proposal, concern the status of the funny animal from classic cartoons and comics to today's graphic novels and webcomics.

Also, I'm planning a new series of Root Beers comics, starting on 17th September 2016, and I'm also planning a Root Beers Summer Special from 1st - 17th August 2016 (Originally, it would be on during the Olympics, but changed the date in order for a holiday to happen.).

Anyway, mustn't grumble so long. I have got this week's Midweek Root Beers to sort out.

Hoping you don't get affected by this year,

Al Welch


Monday 22nd February 2016


Hello, there. Welcome to my first newsflush of the year 2016.
First, I am doing well on my Illustration course at Southampton Solent University, as I received good markings for an essay concerning contemporary illustrators with an environmental theme, including Daniel Mackie. Search him on Google and you'll know why I liked his artwork.
Also, I'm also expressing how a bit sad I was on hearing some of the greats whose lives have taken by cancer. Those including David Bowie, Alan Rickman, Terry Wogan. Hopefully, one day, some scientist will have found a cure to end all of
cancer, for good.
Finally, I'm planning a sort-of art jam on DeviantART and it will be spring-themed, so stick with us.
That's all I could think of. So, until then, buy my stuff at Red Bubble under the name 'rootbeers1992'.
Kind regards,
Al Welch


Saturday 26th December 2015


Just a little taster on what's coming up in the New Year (possibly), plus a promotion of my shop on RedBubble.
Visit and search 'rootbeers1992', okay?


Wednesday 25th November 2015


Hello, once again.


Well, we're almost at the end of the year, and I've been doing a ton of work on my webcomic. Not only this season but also the next season, which will start on 17th September 2016, so no trouble there. I'm also doing some work for University on my second year of the Illustration course, which may have an impact on my other digital stuff. But, we will have to find out what will happen next, after some theory essay. In other news, days after my last journal, I went on holiday in Carlisle and Cumbria for a week, with my Mum. We went around not only Carlisle but also Penrith, Silloth, and Beamish. Finally, I would like to express how shocked I was to hear about the awful things which have happened in Paris, France. Our hearts goes out to the victims. Now, if you excuse me, I got to go and prepare some stuff for tomorrow's presentation and gymnastics. Toodles. Al Welch.

Sunday 2nd August 2015

Hello, everyone.

Well, it's been seven months and ten days since I last did this newsflush, so I thought I might give some of the important stuff that I have done over the seven months. First off, this is the first newsflush to be done on my MacBook Pro, on which I received, thanks to a Disabled Students' Allowance. Those who wandering why there was a lack of numbered comics, it's because first, I have some terrible cold and second, I has so many essays and art projects at University that has to be done. Luckily, I got good grades, there. Anyway, just to let you know that this current season of Root Beers will end on Saturday 15th August 2015, but the new season of Root Beers will begin on Saturday 3rd October. The new season will includes thirty-eight episodes, which are being thought up and written and, as of 02/08, ten episodes are done and ready for drawing.  Also, I'm doing a little work on the Root Beers calendar, which will be available on Redbubble, soon. Plus, you can go and buy some stuff with my artwork on on Redbubble. Well, that's my newsflash for today. Now if you excuse me, I must drink my coffee, because otherwise it'll might get cold. Have a good summer, goodnight. Al Welch

Wednesday 24th December 2014

First off, might I be able to apologise to readers for unable to give out those Advent Calendar pictures.
Not only because I have finished my Christmas shopping, but I'm also recovering from taking part in the Christmas Gymnastics Gala at Basingstoke, Hampshire. I mean five performances in three nights. Could you believe the time I have to work hard?
Anyway, where was I? Oh, yes and I'm having a bit of a cold, especially with the sniffles and the coughs.
Recently, I found something a bit shocking and unexpected, that terrible bin lorry crash that shocked the city of Glasgow, which was recovering months after the Commonwealth Games and the Scottish independent referendum, on which most of the Scottish people voted against independence. The family and I are giving sympathies to the families of those involved.
So, from all of us to all of you, even budgies and hamsters, have a merry Christmas and let's hope for a peaceful New Year.

Wednesday 5th November 2014

Hello, everyone.
GGGAAAAAAHHH! It's been over a blooming year since I updated this blooming journal. Since the last time I wrote to you, guys, here's a list of events that happened since 29th July 2013.

1. Found out my previously mentioned application to Southampton Solent University for Illustration have failed.
2. Won two bronzes and one silver at the Special Olympics Summer Games in Bath.
3. Arranged to take the Foundation Course back at Southampton City College.
4. A relative of mine passed away.
5. Recivied a new smartphone for Christmas.
6. Working on a book cover design for an illustration project.
7. Working on another illustration project called "Animal Poems".
8. Did a new final major project, entitled "Jungle Buds".
9. Trying again on the UCAS application for Illustration at Southampton Solent University. It was a successful application, this time.
10. Progressing to Southampton Solent University for a three year couse of Illustration.
11. Bought a Wacom Intuos graphic tablet from John Lewis.

So, yeah. That is all I could remember. Anyway, since I got the new tablet, I can resume my comic series, "Root Beers", and some of a few gift art. Hopefully. This is Alexander Elliott-Welch, for BBC South Today, Southampton.

Monday 29th July 2013

To whom it may concern,
Well, you have been waiting many, many months for this, and so, here it is. The return of my classic comic, Root Beers. Months ago, I have found the mis-placed pen from one of the graphic tablets, while tidying my room and so, today, you see this new item in this gallery , along with the missing comic that will come after this newsflush. Well, it has been nearly eleven months since I have done the newsflush, and I'll bet you have been wondering what was happening to me during these lost times. Well, here's the summary, as follows;

  1. Planning, writing and illustrating the Farmies book for the Illustration course.
  2. Writing and illustrating the Woodlandians (road safety campaign)
  3. Bulding and publishing the Woodlandians website.
  4. Making a model of a pegasus for 3D.
  5. Writing up Memories and Influences.
  6. Planning a project with Space, Placemaking and Urban Design (Southampton)
  7. Working hard with Basingstoke Gymnastics Club
  8. Working hard with Active Nation (Bitterne Leisure Centre)
  9. Erm...
  10. That's it.

By the way, at about 2 weeks ago, I have finished all my college work and left college, which is quite life-changing, because I have been in this college, for five years, now. From late September, a few weeks after the Special Olympics Summer Games in Bath, I will be progressing to Southampton Solent University in a course for Illustration. Until the next newsflush, keep calm and read on.
Al Welch

Saturday 15th September 2012

Hello, everyone. It has been a nice summer, despite the heavy rain, but it was a wonderful summer here in Great Britain, because of the Games of the XXX Olympiad 2012 in London, England.
Now, this. Those who want to know why the first episode of the new season of Root Beers haven't came last week, I can tell you. I have a new graphics tablet from Currys/PC World, in Carlisle. I was on holiday with my Mum for eleven days, more on that, later. Anyway, the touch option works alright and so is the mouse option, but it's the pen that didn't work. Also, I misplaced the pen of the Kanvus tablet and can't remember where I put it. But, there we are. Also, schedule for comics may be sacred, due to college work I maybe asked to do. And another thing is this, if you're reading this on FurAffinity, you may well know about the breakdown on the website, due to hardware problems. Personally, I blame that on yiff foxes, if you ask me how that happened.
But enough of that problem, my holiday with my mother went great! We went on three coach trips to Scarbrough, Harrogate and Port Sunlight (not all on the same day). One of the best places in Harrogate is the Harrogate International Centre. Why's that?, you may ask. Because if you're a Eurovision fan, like me, then you will know that, thirty years ago, the 27th Eurovision Song Contest took place in the Centre, where Germany won the first time, since 1956, with Nicole singing "Ein bißchen Frieden", that scored 161 points. And did you know that Port Sunlight, a village near Liverpool, was originally built to accomodate the workers of the Lever Brothers "Sunlight Soap" factory and their families. Went to the museum there and we bought some soaps.
In closing, please be patience while we get things moving again.
Thanks again,
Al Welch

Tuesday 26th June 2012

Hi, hi. Zis is me.
First off, just to let you know that my premium membership on deviantART will expire on Monday 2nd July, but, I'm looking foward to get back to normal, after a six month test, so no worries there. Zirkus Kapers, is halfway printed unfinished and was viewed during a Southampton City College arts show. There was six copies printed in Repographics. Five on display and one to take home with me. Unfortunealy, some fools didn't return two copies during the private viewing. Thank you, wise guys, thanks a bunch. After two more comics, Root Beers will be on break, so I can plan a new summer special, to put up on deviantART and the website, during the London 2012 Summer Olympics Games. And it shall be for real, this time. The summer special will be presented in seventeen daily episodes including a trip to the beach, a look at this year's travel, and a long edition of a Bungoification of "It's a Knockout" (Root Beers Sans Frontieres). As a matter of fact, I'm working on those headings right now. I wish I have more to talk, but since I have uploaded that Dennie Bunnzie muffin thing (Dennie invented that meme himself), it must have broken my imagination. Let me check. Large... swedish...  chest. Eyup, totally broken. If you excuse me, I gotta go place.

Wednesday 16th May 2012

Hello, once again.
First off, the next Root Beers number won't be on this weekend. Apparently, it was due to my Bamboo tablet being an absolute idiot. On the plus side, I'm getting on very well with my final major project, at Southampton City College. It is 68 pages in total, and I done 26 pages, so far. So, it's 26 pages down and 42 pages to go. Earlier this year, I done a lot of pub sketches at The Duke of Wellington, Southampton, and if I have some time I can show you them. As I were saying, there'll be delays on Root Beers and other stuff. Oh, and also, if you remember on 31st March, Eurokatt asked me to send her birthday wishes to Celine Dion, the winner of Eurovision Song Contest 1988 for Switzerland, on Twitter and guess what? Fourteen people have retweeted that tweet, including the official Eurovision Twitter account! When I told her, Eurokatt was moved to tears, saying "I'm beginning to get recognied by Eurovision officials." Awww, bless. Don't forget to watch Eurovision Song Contest 2012 on Saturday 26th May, on your local E.B.U. station. Until then, ta-ta.
P.S. Oh, and by the way, if you're wondering what Ally Bobcat was saying in Root Beers #67, he said "Alexander Elliott-Welch have won 3 silver medals, 2 bronze medals and 2 ribbons at the Special Olympics Gymnastic competition at Fort Regent, Jersey on Saturday 17th March 2012. Thank you." in Wingdings.

Tuesday 10th April 2012

Hello, everyone!

First off, it's funfair time!
(let's go of balloon)
That was funfair time, and now... the newsflush.
People are being unaware of wondering what happening to the next issue of Root Beers. Well, to be honest, I'm trying to keep tracks on what was going on. I'm stuck for any ideas for the next few comics, I can't think which fan art goes next, and I'm about to do the graphic novel for my Final Major Project. If you're familiar with acornyms, it's F. M. P. Anyway, I'm planning a few ideas for comics, fan art, and other stuff that was SUPPOSED to be bloody mentioned in the Announcement bit. Ooooooh, almost let my senstive side go, there.
So, until then, this is Al Welch, for BBC South Today, Southampton.

Sunday 4th March 2012

Hello, again. I'm sorting out what to do in this art world. Here are the reasons.

I have just opened a new merchandise shop, powered by CafePress. This is the link to the store. It's not quite ready, yet. Still, sorting out bits.
There are maybe delays, due to my weekend in Jersey with the local gymnastics club, from Friday 16th - Sunday 18th March and a weekend in Bristol with the Hampshire Hurricanes tag rugby group from Friday 25th - Sunday 27th May.
Still planning ideas for a graphic novel, for my Final Major Project at college.
May get sick and tired of "The Chicken Song" by Spitting Image.
I shall plan gift art carefully, plan a mini cheeky series (FurAffinity only) and giving the archive a major boost to the website. (If I may so.)

So, until the next one, have a nice month and shop at that website, NOW!

Thursday 16th February 2012

Friday 10th February 2012

Good evening.
I apologize for delaying my journal/blog on this website. Reason? Because I haven't got the time to think of one. I was hoping to do Root Beers #061 by tomorrow night, except Fur Affinity. Apparently, at the top of the page, the notice said: "We have a planned outage Feb 11-12th, 2012 while we make upgrades to our SQL server and perform other scheduled maintenance to improve performance. Please plan accordingly." I didn't even notice that it was quite urgent, but let's worry about it, later.
Also, there's bad news and good news about "Zirkus Kapers". The bad news is that "Zirkus Kapers" won't be on this year. But, the good news is I'm putting it into a graphic novel I'm planning, hopefully to be done, later on. Finally, if I have more time drawing, and LESS TIME WEB SURFING, I shall be doing some furry art and gift art for friends and famous faces at the webcomic business.
Anyway, must dash. I got a window at three. CRASH!

Saturday 24th December 2011

Hello, there.
Well, it's Christmas Eve 2011, and I'm pooped out after so many rushes to get Christmas shopping done. Earlier tonight, Mum and I went to Habour Lights Picture House and saw "It's A Wonderful Life" (Review later on.) It's the first time in ten years I went to see a picture.
Anyway, back to business, if you're wondering on deviantART, why is there a lack of updates recently, is because I'm getting this Christmas shopping done and dusted with.
I've finished wrapping presents and making the christmas cards for my family. So, heck yeah, I'm already home for Christmas.
Have a wishful Christmas and a brave New Year in 2012.
-Al Welch

Wednesday 30th November 2011

Hello, once again. I was hoping to bring the next issue of Root Beers, as soon as possible. During that time, I'm doing some gift art for :iconjbwarner86: on his birthday soon, and I'm currently doing Nick Bunnzie in many different styles in two versions, a group version and a version on squares. Apparently, I'm doing a :icontoxindicator: 16 Styles Challenge Meme Remix by :iconnarutokun1:. I'm accepted the challenge that has been dared by :iconnarutokun1:, but it look like he went and ran off. WIMP! Anyway, I got to go. I'll be putting up last year's advent calendar onto my blog, [link], here and on FurAffinity, [link] So, until then, try not to make a riot during the workers' strike in the United Kingdom. Thank you.

Friday 4th November 2011

Well, everyone. I've let you down, again.
Because of bad timing and several free-time, from college, went to gym centres and town wondering, I'm afraid I have to postpone "Zirkus Kapers" until Summer of 2012.
I'm not blaming Southampton City College and Southampton Gymnastics Club for much possible delays, I'm blaming laziness, naughty tablet pens, and small screens for them.
But, the good news is that I shall be  getting on with tomorrow's comic for this website that you're reading now. Also, I have some many Christmas comics lined up, and a third season of Eurokatt's postcards, which starts in Malta, when Eurokatt crashes her plane near the hospital in Malta. Did I ever mention that to you? Well, now I have.
Finally, I will be doing some fan art, so if you want some fan art done, let me know.
Until this next newsflush, leave me to sleep.